Search with the power of Boolean operators

Every significant search engine is equipped with tools called
Boolean operators. Taking the time to learn how to use them can
drastically improve your search results for some types of searches.
Unfortunately most of us are completely unaware they even exist.

An Example of the power of the Boolean tools is the use of the word
“and” in narrowing down your search area. It could actually mean the
difference in receiving 10,000 returned results and only 100.

The Boolean tools are so powerful at doing what they do, as number of
search engines are automatically incorporating them into their
searches. In other words, if your using one of these search e-
sources to search for “maps,Africa” what your actually searching for
is “maps and Africa”. This can be a good thing. Without the “and” in
your search in the above example your results would include
thousands of unwanted “map” sites. With the inclusion of the “and”
your results will only contain map sites with Africa included.

At the same time if your unaware of the Boolean tools use of the
“and” in your search it can just as easily filter out results that
are 100% pertinent to your query.

An example of this would be a search string like ” maps, Africa,
poverty,” This could be a very legitimate search if you were doing a
paper on the areas of poverty in Africa. Unfortunately if the search
e-source your using is also automatically using Boolean tools your
search results will all have to contain the words “maps and Africa
and poverty” thus narrowing your results down far beyond anything
you really wanted. (see list of automatic Bolean search e-sources at
the end of this article)