LiveCamNetwork and Ride the RSS Wagon

(Montreal) July 14, 2004 — LiveCamNetwork 1.9 creator is preparing for the release of their video chat site upgrade by turning to RSS (Real Simple Syndication) to centralize their public relations efforts.

“It’s giving me a break,” said Greg Jones, in charge of Media and Communications at, who researched RSS for months before deciding to give it a go. “Now, instead of auto-submitting, which can be inappropriate, or manually submitting to the appropriate markets, most of the job is done via RSS.”

RSS is a way to view headlines without having to download the entire article. “This way you, or an editor or news source, can have twenty headlines, with one-line descriptions, where there used to be an entire piece,” said Jones.

At present, only is providing the RSS feed, “And that’s mostly for our adult video chat clients,” Jones said. “But one feed is all you need.”

Like iSN, sites involved will feature an icon or button with a link users click to view or subscribe to the channel. While an “RSS Reader” such as NewsGator or SharpReader will allow these feeds to be read, MyYahoo! users and Googlers can also read and subscribe directly through their browsers.

“Right now I’ve designed a site just for news content,” Jones said, referring to iSN. “It’s designed to help new sites get a little exposure, but especially to disseminate the blog and RSS news of”

Jones claims this will be necessary due to the release of LiveCamNetwork 2.0,’s live video chat site software, due out later this year.

“Last year, when we launched 1.9, we were not expecting the business it provoked,” he said. is known for paying particular attention to customer support and product quality.

Geena Gekko of, a long-time customer of 2much, said, “I have yet to come across any other company that is as focused on customer satisfaction as they are… on continuously improving and enhancing their technology platforms and related services.”

The company’s productivity and client base doubled in the eight months following last year’s upgrade, according to 2much CEO and founder Mark Prince, and he expects similar reaction to LiveCamNetwork 2.0.

“This time, we’re ready,” Prince said. “And not a small part of that will be using RSS to inform the media and industry.” ###

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