Got Style? 4 Different Types of Art Styles to Try

an artist and author, defined multicultural art as:


“the study of artistic and aesthetic endeavors of the people and cultures that form the non-Western world.”

As you can probably tell, this is quite a broad art style that can have a number of different outcomes, inspirations, and locations. Let’s look at a few examples to get a better idea.

Siona Benjamin is a multicultural artist who takes inspiration from her Jewish and also backgrounds. You can see from her art commissions and her other work that she features many Indian blue-skinned figures, Jewish symbols, sacred space art, and traditional multicultural styles.

Yinka Shonibare is another example of a multicultural artist. He’s a British-Nigerian artist born in London and raised in Nigeria. Both of these locations have had huge impacts on his style and art. Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle, one of Shonibare’s most famous works, features a replica of the Lord Nelson’s ship HMS Victory.

Shonibare created the gorgeous patterned sails with Indonesian and West African inspiration. It’s said to hav