Deed Poll Name Change: A Comprehensive Guide

Changing one’s name is a significant decision that can have various personal, legal, and social implications. Whether you’re opting for a name change due to marriage, divorce, personal preference, or any other reason, a Deed Poll is a legal document commonly used to effectuate such changes. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Deed Poll name change process, its importance, and how to navigate it seamlessly.

Understanding Deed Poll:

A Deed Poll is a legal document used to officially change a person’s name. It is a solemn declaration, often sworn before a solicitor or commissioner for oaths, affirming that the individual renounces the use of their former name and adopts a new one. This document serves as evidence of the name change and can be used to update various official records such as passports, driving licenses, bank accounts, and educational certificates.

Why Opt for a Deed Poll Name Change?

There are several reasons why individuals opt for a Deed Poll name change:

  1. Marriage or Divorce: After getting married or divorced, individuals may choose to adopt their spouse’s surname or revert to their maiden name.
  2. Personal Preference: Some individuals may wish to change their name due to personal, cultural, or religious reasons.
  3. Gender Transition: Transgender individuals often change their names to align with their gender identity.
  4. Professional or Social Reasons: A person may wish to change their name to avoid confusion or association with a particular individual or group.

The Process of Obtaining a Deed Poll:

  1. Choose Your New Name: Select the new name you wish to adopt carefully. Ensure that it is a name you will be comfortable with in the long term, as changing it again can be a cumbersome process.
  2. Drafting the Deed Poll: The Deed Poll can be drafted by a solicitor or obtained from reputable online sources. It should include your current name, your new name, a statement renouncing the use of your former name, and a declaration of your intention to be known by the new name.
  3. Witnessing the Deed Poll: The Deed Poll must be signed and witnessed by an independent adult who is not related to you. This witness must also provide their full name, address, and occupation.
  4. Notarization (Optional): While not mandatory, some individuals choose to have their Deed Poll notarized by a solicitor or commissioner for oaths for added authenticity.
  5. Informing Relevant Authorities: Once you have your Deed Poll, you should notify relevant authorities and institutions such as the passport office, DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), banks, employers, utility providers, and educational institutions.
  6. Updating Official Documents: After notifying the relevant authorities, you will need to update your official documents such as your passport, driving license, and bank accounts with your new name. Each institution may have its own process for updating records.

Points to Consider:

  • Cost: The cost of obtaining a Deed Poll can vary depending on whether you draft it yourself or seek legal assistance. However, it is generally an affordable process.
  • Legal Recognition: A Deed Poll is legally recognized in the UK and many other countries. However, it may not be accepted in some jurisdictions or by certain Change of Name Deed institutions abroad.
  • Age Restrictions: In the UK, individuals under the age of 16 require parental consent to change their name via Deed Poll.
  • Effect on Citizenship: Changing your name via Deed Poll does not affect your citizenship status.


A Deed Poll name change provides a legal and formal means of changing your name. Whether you’re changing your name due to marriage, personal preference, or any other reason, understanding the process and its implications is crucial. By following the steps outlined in this guide and seeking legal advice if necessary, you can navigate the Deed Poll name change process smoothly and effectively. Remember, your new name is an important aspect of your identity, so choose it wisely.